Quadra-Fire – Santa Fe Pellet Stove

BTU/hr Input: 11,600-38,700

Heating Capacity: 700-1,900 sq ft

Hopper Capacity: 60lb

Viewing Area: 201 sq in

Efficiency: 78%

The Santa Fe pellet stove is a smart, high-performance pellet stove with a small, contemporary shape. Let these compact pellet stoves deliver the warmth you want, and the comfort you need. Have complete control over your fire with either a mechanical thermostat or a digital remote control.

  • 38,700 BTUs — heats 700 to 1,900 square feet, based on climate and home efficiency
  • EPA certified, with low emission levels of 1.8 grams per hour
  • 60lb hopper capacity
  • Patented feed system for jam-free operation
  • Easy-clean firepot


Introducing Quadra-Fire’s pellet appliances, offering many styles, colors and technologies delivering on:


Get maximum heat and high efficiencies with one of three exclusive technologies offered by Quadra-Fire.


Eliminate the hassle and save time with Quadra-Fire’s fully automatic pellet appliances , simply fill the hopper, set your thermostat and walk away. Enjoy quick and easy cleaning with Quadra-Fires patented firepot design.


The Santa Fe pellet stove is easy to clean.  Simply pull on the cleaning rods when your appliance is cold.


The most efficient way to burn pellets, creating temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees assuring the fuel is completely burned leaving only a fine ash behind.


Founders Alan Trusler and Dan Henry spent countless nights in the lab, determined to harness the powerful force of fire in ground-breaking new ways. In 1990 they introduced the first self-igniting pellet stove using Original Energy Technology, followed in 1996 by the most advanced pellet stove seen using Advanced Energy technology. In 2014 Quadra-Fire launched Efficient Energy technology. The tradition lives on through these pellet appliances. For more than 30 years, Quadra-Fire has put performance and easy operation above all else. Today these ideals are vibrant and alive, blending our past with our present. Quadra-Fire products are proudly built to last by our members.


Clean-burning and consistent, pellets are affordable, available and renewable. Automatic thermostats and temperature controls do the work for you—just keep your hopper filled. Pellets are normally available in 40 lb bags. A 1,500 sq ft home will use 2-4 tons per season, on average. As the fire ignites, it remains clear: NOTHING BURNS LIKE A QUAD.



Quadra-Fire Santa Fe Pellet Stove: Maintenance Video

Proper upkeep and maintenance is important to keep your Santa Fe pellet stove running at its maximum efficiency. Watch to learn more.

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