Majestic – Biltmore Wood Fireplace

  • Three sizes available: 36″, 42″ and 50″
  • Clean face design enables finishing materials to be applied up to the firebox opening.
  • It can be installed flush with the floor or on a raised hearth
  • Impressive, masonry-style traditional or herringbone molded brick panels
  • Clean Burning
  • Glass Sizes: 26.67″h x 36.67″w
  • ZERO GRAVITY Door System
  • Wide Viewing Area
  • President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Majestic Biltmore Wood Fireplace

Elevate your home’s ambiance and warmth with the Majestic Biltmore Wood Fireplace, now available at an exceptional sale price. Experience the ideal combination of timeless elegance and high-efficiency heating, all while saving an extraordinary amount of money. Crafted with precision and designed to captivate, the Biltmore Wood Fireplace becomes the focal point of any room, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance for your family and visitors.

This fireplace offers both aesthetics and substantial heating capacity, thanks to its spacious firebox and picturesque view of the flames. The Biltmore’s traditional design, which features a stately mantel and intricate detailing, adds a dash of traditional elegance to your living space while providing the convenience of a contemporary heating solution. Additionally, its eco-friendly design guarantees not only warmth but also cost-effective home heating. Do not lose out on this limited-time offer to introduce the timeless appeal of the Majestic Biltmore Wood Fireplace into your home at a phenomenal discount. Enhance your living space’s elegance and functionality immediately.

Majestic – Biltmore Wood Fireplace Features


Creates a traditional look where the fireplace floor is flush with the hearth or the room floor.


Creates an authentic masonry-type fireside experience with classic brick interior panels in a traditional look.


Creates an updated look for your firebox interior with an angled brick-and-mortar appearance.


Fits your space and design vision with viewing area options of 36″, 42″, and 50″.


Emits warmth passively, with no fan required.

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