HPC – Round Penta Burner Firepit Insert

  • Made of #304, 18 gauge Stainless Steel
  • The spun design adds rigidity
  • Welded gas fitting for strength
  • Weep holes for drainage

HPC’s Electronic Round Penta Burner Firepit Insert Series comes in a 13″, 19″, 25″, 31″, 37″, or 43″ pan. First, choose your size and the enclosure – or fire pit shell, which contains the fire pit insert. This enclosure can be round, square, rectangular, or linear in shape. The second step is deciding how you want to light your fire pit. The technology you select to light and control your firepit is probably the most important decision you’ll make. Match lit is the simplest technology. Using a match, you light the fire and manually control the gas feed to adjust the flame height. Another option is certified push button spark flame sensing ignition—the perfect option for fire pits without electricity. Battery push button to spark and manually adjust the flame height. Flame sensing technology automatically turns off the gas should the flame blow out. Electric ignition flame sensing technology operates remotely via a wall switch or remote controller. Electric ignition has high and low flame control with flame sensing technology that will relight should the flame blow out.

The Round Penta Burner Firepit (except 13SSEI models) burner is constructed from premium 304 stainless steel; each burner features burner holes at 12 and 3 o’clock, so your fire pit is set on the low flame setting, there is no distinct burner pattern making the flames more realistic. A Limited Lifetime Warranty also backs burners and pans from HPC.

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