Harman – XXV Pellet Stove

  • Width: 29-7/16
  • Height: 31-1/8
  • Depth: 28-5/8
  • BTU/Hour Input1: 11,000-48,000
  • Heating Capacity2: 900 – 2,300 sq ft.
  • Hopper Capacity: 65lbs
  • Viewing Area: 181-1/8 sq in

Introducing the Harman XXV Pellet Stove, the ultimate heating solution that combines modern technology with timeless design. Designed to bring warmth and style to any space, this stove is a game-changer in the world of home heating. Harnessing the power of pellets, the Harman XXV delivers unrivaled efficiency and eco-friendliness. With its advanced automatic ignition system, you can say goodbye to messy fire starters and hello to instant warmth at the touch of a button. No more fussing with logs or dealing with unpredictable flames—the XXV offers hassle-free operation for your convenience. The Harman XXV Pellet Stove boasts a sleek and sophisticated exterior crafted with the finest materials to complement any decor. Its large glass window provides a mesmerizing view of the dancing flames, creating a cozy ambiance that captivates you and your guests. Plus, the stove’s compact size makes it perfect for both large living areas and smaller spaces, ensuring everyone can enjoy its radiant heat.

But it’s not just about looks—the Harman XXV is a powerhouse when it comes to heating. Equipped with a state-of-the-art heat exchanger system, it maximizes heat output while minimizing fuel consumption. This means you can stay warm and comfortable while saving on energy costs.

  • Smart operation with EASY Touch Controls
  • Near silence in Whisper mode
  • View fuel levels easily with a tinted hopper lid
  • Less loading with 65lb hopper capacity
  • Elegant flame-reactive mirrored glass
  • Installation is made easy with direct vent

Additional Materials