Harman – Allure 50 Pellet Stove

  • Width: 21-1/4
  • Height: 38-3/4
  • Depth: 26-5/8
  • BTU/Hour Input1: 15,800-52,600
  • Heating Capacity: up to 2,800 sq ft.
  • Hopper Capacity: 92lbs
  • Viewing Area: 169 sq in

Elevate your home heating experience with the Harman Allure Pellet Stove, where technology meets allure to create an unmatched comfort zone. Powered by high-grade pellets, the Allure offers an eco-friendly heating solution with impressive output, able to wrap up to 2,800 sq. ft. in its warm embrace. It’s perfect for medium to large spaces, providing an energy-efficient way to banish the cold. The heart of the Allure lies in Harman’s acclaimed EASY Touch Control system. This advanced feature enables precision control of heat output and fuel usage, guaranteeing a perfectly cozy atmosphere while making the most of your pellet supply. Coupled with Allure’s Pellet Pro System and ESP technology, you enjoy unrivaled burn efficiency. The Allure is also a feast for the eyes. Its elegant design, complemented by a large, gleaming glass viewing area, is an aesthetic delight, transforming your living space into a style statement. The convenience offered by the Allure pellet stove is another win. A large hopper capacity means less frequent refills, while the whisper-quiet operation ensures a peaceful environment, letting you bask in comfort without disturbance. The Harman Allure Pellet Stove is more than a heating appliance. It’s a blend of advanced technology, captivating style, and unparalleled convenience, turning your home into the ultimate haven of warmth and relaxation.

  • Smart operation with EASY Touch Controls
  • Near silence in Whisper mode
  • Room temperature regulated to within one degree
  • Less loading with 92lb hopper capacity
  • Elegant flame-reactive mirrored glass
  • Multi-directional air flow provides complete warmth


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