FPX – 44 Elite Wood Fireplace

  • Heating Capacity:* Up to 3,000 square feet
  • Maximum Burn Time: Up to 12 hours
  • Firebox: 4.2 cubic foot
  • Viewing Glass: Double Door 18-1/4“ W x 14-3/8“ H (each side)

FPX- 44 Elite Wood Fireplace

If you’re looking for a wood-burning fireplace that provides exceptional warmth and elegance, look no further than the FPX 44 Elite. This wood fireplace is designed to provide reliable and efficient heating while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any residence. The following information pertains to this remarkable fireplace. The FPX 44 Elite’s large firebox can accommodate logs up to 24 inches in length, enabling extended burn times and fewer visits to the woodpile. The fireplace also features a large viewing area, giving you an unobstructed view of the flames. The 44 Elite wood fireplace has a maximal BTU output of 78,046 BTUs and an overall efficacy of 73%. It can heat up to 3,000 square feet. This fireplace is large enough to facilitate up to 12-hour overnight fires. The 44 Elite wood fireplace has a large 4.2 cubic foot firebox that can accommodate logs up to 32 inches in length. For simple access, the controls for the fan, air adjustment, and damper are discreetly integrated into the unit’s face. It incorporates a remote-mounted 388 CFM fan for Posi-Pressure heat distribution throughout your residence. Posi-Pressure technology draws outside air into the fireplace’s chamber, heats it, and then circulates it throughout the house using a silent, remote compressor. The heated air naturally “seeks out” and penetrates frigid spaces, uniformly warming the entire home while “sealing” fissures, leaks, and other drafty areas to prevent the infiltration of cold air. The FPX 44 Elite wood fireplace is an elegant, high-performance, and practical addition to any residence. It will astound you and your guests with its expansive viewing area, effective heating, and various features. If you are contemplating a wood-burning fireplace for your residence, the FPX 44 Elite warrants a closer look.

WE DARE YOU TO COMPARE! The 44 Elite wood fireplace is 2023 EPA-Certified, utilizing the new EPA Cord Wood protocol instead of the Crib Wood protocol. The distinctions between EPA Cord Wood and Crib Wood testing must be considered. Some manufacturers use the Crib Wood testing protocol, which tends to generate impressive lab results that are not representative of real-world conditions and will vary substantially once the unit is installed in your home. The cordwood testing protocol provides precise, real-world measurements of the appliance’s burning and performance in the home.

44 Elite wood fireplace optional accessories:

  • Summer Fan Switch: The summer fan switch allows the blower on your fireplace to be turned on when the fireplace is cool. During the summer, you can turn the blower on to push cool, fresh air into the home for cooling purposes.


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