Dimplex – Revillusion® Portrait Built-In Firebox

  • The breathtaking Portrait model provides a taller, broader view of the fireplace.
  • For a realistic fireplace experience, the Revillusion generates larger, brighter, and more erratic flames that emanate from within the logs.
  • Mislead even yourself with the Mirage Flame Panel, which enhances the performance. It is a partially opaque acrylic panel that displays only brilliant flames without any reflections.
  • For a more authentic experience, the patented Thruview technology allows you to see through the flames to the rear of the firebox.

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Revillusion® represents a groundbreaking evolution in the world of electric fireplaces, setting an unparalleled standard for the industry. By offering a clear, uninterrupted view through its incredibly lifelike flames toward its meticulously crafted brick interior, Revillusion® masterfully captures the allure and romance of traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Gone are the days of artificial-looking electric hearths; with Revillusion®, you’re treated to a visual spectacle that seems as if it’s been lifted straight from a high-end home decor magazine. More than just a fireplace, it’s a statement of luxury and sophistication. Every detail, from the flickering flames to the rustic brick backdrop, has been thoughtfully designed to provide an authentic experience. And while the unit itself is a masterpiece, users have the added flexibility to further personalize their space with a range of accessories sold separately, ensuring that each Revillusion® fireplace is as unique as the home it graces. Dive into a world where modern technology meets classic elegance, and choose Revillusion® — unmistakably a superior fireplace experience.


  • Innovative Design: Revillusion® challenges traditional electric fireplace designs, setting a new industry benchmark.
  • Clear View: Offers an unobstructed view through its lifelike flames, allowing for a more genuine fireplace experience.
  • Authentic Brick Interior: The full brick interior enhances realism, capturing the classic charm of wood-burning fireplaces.Fireplace Gallery GR np7z7osp9vqvramztn1s ji15eOBF zoom
  • Lifelike Flames: The flames are designed to mimic the real thing closely, adding to the ambiance and realism.
  • Magazine-Worthy Aesthetic: Its design and quality give the appearance of a fireplace you’d find in high-end home decor publications.
  • Personalization Options: While the base unit is a work of art in itself, an array of accessories is available separately, letting users tailor the look to their specific tastes and decor.
  • High Standard: It not only meets but exceeds the expectations for electric fireplaces, providing a more authentic look and feel.
  • Safety: As with electric fireplaces, users can enjoy the aesthetics of a traditional fireplace without the potential hazards of a real fire.
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance: Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces, electric versions like Revillusion® are typically easier to install and require less upkeep.
  • Energy Efficient: Electric fireplaces are often more energy-efficient compared to their traditional counterparts, offering warmth without the extensive use of resources.Fireplace Gallery GR dimplex logo

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