DaVinci Custom Single-Sided Fireplace

Traditional, Transitional, or Contemporary. A style solution is possible for every individual taste. DaVinci Custom Single-Sided Fireplaces offers a wide range of applications, the Single-Sided design assures the best presentation of any fireplace, featuring burners that beautifully display end to end.

The most innovative and unique fireplaces ever made. DaVinci Custom Single-Sided Fireplaces accommodate a wide range of applications. The Single-Sided design assures the best presentation of any fireplace, featuring burners that beautifully display end to end. The epitome of the perfect decorative, non-heating custom gas fireplace in all areas of design, innovation, and functionality. With DaVinci, there are no design limitations.  A sleek, contemporary profile features an all-glass viewing area that surrounds a ribbon of rich, dancing flames.  DaVinci’s signature fire presentation draws you in with its striking presence of mesmerizing flames over a bed of platinum reflective crushed glass with adjustable vibrant multi-color LED lighting.  DaVinci Custom Fireplaces range in length from 2 to 66 feet and feature four different glass heights of 12, 20, 30, and 36 inches.

Features you will love:

TouchSmart Wall Control interface: The sleek glass panel, in your choice of black or white finishes, connects you to technical features that DaVinci has perfected, including a controllable heat exchanger, a 10-hour timer, and full-spectrum under-lit LED
lighting to help set the mood.

Exterior Window Kit: DaVinci’s extruded aluminum, thermal pane Exterior Window Kit allows you to feature any Linear or Maestro™ Single-Sided or See-Thru fireplace as an outdoor installation. The Exterior Window Kit can be added to one side of the glass on a Single-Sided or See-Thru fireplace or to both sides of the glass on a See-Thru fireplace. This allows you to feature an indoor-outdoor presentation of fire or have a completely open outdoor fireplace without requiring a roof or overhang.

Zero Clearance to Combustible Surfaces: The DaVinci Custom Fireplace™ remains cool by the way outside air is ducted in and around the unit and between the two panes of glass. This eliminates the need for expensive steel studs or non-combustible building materials and allows you to bring combustible finish materials right up to the edge of the frameless glass. With all DaVinci Custom Fireplaces™, you can install a TV anywhere on the wall above the fireplace.

Home Automation Interface: All DaVinci’s are compatible with Home Automation.
Lutron™, Crestron™, Leviton™, Savant™, Control4™

An Inspired Spectrum of Color and Media Selections: Personalize your own perfect ambiance with full-spectrum LED underlighting controlled via TouchSmart™. Davinci Custom Fireplaces™ also features overhead halogen lighting to highlight the beauty of your fireplace even when it isn’t lit.

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