Amantii – Symmetry Xtra Slim Smart Electric Fireplace

  • In this colorful, state-of-the-art flame display, you may go from Yellow to Orange to Red with only one remote click.
  • Ambient Illuminating the media with 13-color canopy lighting adds a new depth.
  • It can heat a 500-square-foot space with a BTU output of up to 5,000.

Introducing the Amantii Symmetry Xtra Slim Smart Electric Fireplace

The Amantii Symmetry Xtra Slim Smart Electric Fireplace offers a perfect blend of modern style and advanced functionality. This fireplace is available in sizes 42″, 50″, and 60″, making it a versatile choice for various spaces.

Slim Design and Versatile Installation

The Symmetry Xtra Slim features a sleek, slender design, allowing it to be easily integrated into any contemporary setting. It can be fully recessed or semi-flush mounted within a 2×4 wall, providing flexible installation options for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Stunning Flame Effects

This electric fireplace showcases a vibrant, multi-colored flame display that can be adjusted in brightness and speed. With the click of a remote, you can switch between yellow, orange, and red flames, or create custom combinations for a personalized ambiance. The fireplace also offers an option to display flames without heat, making it suitable for use throughout the year.

Smart Home Integration

The Symmetry Xtra Slim Smart Electric Fireplace is WiFi-enabled, allowing for seamless integration with your smart home system. You can control the fireplace using a touchpad, thermostatic remote, or a smartphone app, providing convenience and flexibility in managing temperature and flame settings.

Efficient Heating Performance

With a heating capacity of 1465W and 5000 BTU, this fireplace can efficiently heat rooms up to 500 square feet. The programmable timer and thermostat allow you to set the desired temperature and schedule heating times, ensuring a comfortable environment when you need it most.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Included with the fireplace are clear glass diamonds and a black powder-coated surround, enhancing its visual appeal. The unit also features front-flow heating and hidden venting, ensuring a large viewing area with lifelike flames.

Key Features

  • Sizes: 42″, 50″, 60″
  • Installation: Fully recessed or semi-flush mounted within a 2×4 wall
  • Flame Presentation: Multi-colored flames with adjustable brightness and speed
  • Operational Modes: Flames can be displayed with or without heat
  • Smart Home Integration: WiFi-enabled with control via touchpad, thermostatic remote, or smartphone app
  • Heating Capacity: 1465W, 5000 BTU, heats up to 500 sq ft
  • Included Accessories: Clear glass diamonds and black powder-coated surround
  • Additional Features: Programmable timer, thermostat, and patented thermostatic remote


The Amantii Symmetry Xtra Slim Smart Electric Fireplace combines advanced technology with a sleek design, making it an excellent choice for enhancing the ambiance and comfort of any modern living space. Whether you are looking to add warmth to your home or create a stunning visual centerpiece, this fireplace delivers both functionality and style.

For more information, visit the Amantii Symmetry Xtra Slim Smart Electric Fireplace product page.

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