Amantii – Panorama Slim Smart Electric Fireplace

  • All models are rated for either indoor or outdoor use
  • Cover MUST be purchased if installing outdoors
  •  State of the art flame presentation:  Vibrant, multi-colored state of the art flame presentation – change from Yellow to Orange to Red with just a click of the remote.
  • WiFi App – For complete control from any room.  Set the fireplace to turn on before arriving home, or have it turn on automatically when the weather is cold.  Customization possibilities are endless.


Panorama Slim Smart Electric Fireplace: Enhance Your Space with Style and Efficiency

Upgrade your home with the Panorama Slim Smart Electric Fireplace from Amantii, a perfect combination of sleek design, smart technology, and efficient heating. This contemporary fireplace is designed to fit seamlessly into any modern decor, offering both visual appeal and practical warmth.

Sleek Design and Versatility

The Panorama Slim Smart Electric Fireplace features a slim profile that allows for easy installation in tight spaces, making it ideal for apartments, condos, or homes with limited room. Available in various sizes and customizable options, including different finishes and flame bed styles, it effortlessly integrates into your interior design scheme.

Advanced Heating Technology

Experience superior warmth and comfort with the Panorama Slim Smart Electric Fireplace. Powered by advanced heating technology, it provides efficient heat distribution throughout your space, ensuring consistent and cozy temperatures. Adjust heat settings with ease to suit your preferences and enjoy the convenience of a thermostat-controlled environment.

Realistic Flame Effects

Enjoy the ambiance of a real fire with the Panorama Slim Smart Electric Fireplace’s realistic flame effects. Designed with high-definition LED technology, the flames replicate the natural movement and glow of a traditional fireplace. Customize flame colors and brightness levels to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing evenings or entertaining guests.

Smart and User-Friendly Features

Equipped with smart features, the Panorama Slim Smart Electric Fireplace offers modern convenience at your fingertips. Control settings using the included remote or smart app, adjusting heat, flame effects, and timer functions from anywhere in the room. Energy-efficient LED lighting enhances the visual appeal while reducing energy consumption.

Safety and Sustainability

The Panorama Slim Smart Electric Fireplace prioritizes safety and sustainability. With no emissions and no need for venting, it is a clean and environmentally friendly heating solution. Built-in safety features such as overheating protection and a cool-touch glass front ensure peace of mind, making it suitable for homes with children and pets.

Enhance Your Home with Amantii

Transform your living space into a cozy retreat with the Panorama Slim Smart Electric Fireplace. Whether as a primary heat source or a decorative centerpiece, this fireplace combines style, functionality, and efficiency to enhance your home’s ambiance year-round. Discover the perfect blend of innovation and elegance with Amantii.

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