Amantii – Panorama Series BI-88-DEEP-XT Electric Fireplace

  • Indoor and outdoor usage is permitted on all models
  • Creates 4800 BTUs of heat
  • Regardless of the presence or absence of external heat, the flame continues to work.
  • heater/flame control via remote
  • Media is illuminated like never before, thanks to ambient canopy lighting that comes in 13 hues.


The extraordinary BI-88-DEEP-XT has an Extra Tall viewing area that is 18 inches in height! This Panorama model is 6″ taller than our previous variants. It includes a deep media tray and comes included with a fantastic log set, ICE media, pebbles, stones, black glass, and vermiculite embers, allowing users to fully customize the appearance of their fireplace.

Built using Amantii’s Flame presentation, comprised of three-color LED light strips allowing for various flame colors.

Panorama fireplaces are rated for Indoor or Outdoor use.

Full Frame Viewing Area
The Panorama Series give you multiple lengths and depth options, as well as the ability to install your fireplace with your choice of finishing material built right to the glass for a “clean face” design or using the provided black metal surround. Your choice – your design!

A Kaleidoscope of color
Fireplace Gallery GR panorama how heat is generated 1Featuring the vibrant Fire & Ice flame set, you can easily change the flame color from blue to purple to violet to orange or yellow with just a click of your remote.


Note: Deep models come with large glass nuggets, clear & blue diamond media, and 11 pieces Log set. Also, a cover MUST be purchased if installed outdoors.


  • All models are rated for either indoor or outdoor use
  • Cover MUST be purchased if installed outdoors
  • *NEW* State-of-the-art frameset, with a click of the remote, change the flame from traditional colors such as yellow and orange to more contemporary colors like blue, purple, rose, and violet.
  • Approx. Heating area 400-500 sq. ft.
  • 2 Stage heater
  • Hardwire ready
  • NEW Thermostat hard-wire ready
  • Flame operates with or without heat
  • Remote control for flame and heater
  • Complete frame viewing – unit allows for choice of finishing material to come right to the glass.
  • Optional black steel surround comes in the box; it is up to you if you want to use it or not.
  • DEEP models have 2 flame sets
  • Included Media: Large glass nuggets, clear & blue diamond media, and 11 pieces. Log set Ambient Canopy lighting in 13 colors

Additional Materials