Amantii – Panorama BI Deep Smart Electric Fireplace

  • All models are rated for either indoor or outdoor use
  • Incredible 17 3/4″ high viewing area
  • Black glass side panels
  • Mirrored media tray


Transform Your Home with the Amantii BI-DEEP Electric Fireplace

Elevate your living space with the Amantii BI-DEEP Electric Fireplace, a blend of contemporary design and cutting-edge technology. This versatile fireplace offers both aesthetic appeal and efficient heating, making it a perfect addition to modern homes seeking comfort and style.

Sleek Design and Versatile Installation

The Amantii BI-DEEP Electric Fireplace features a sleek, minimalist design that complements various interior styles. Available in multiple sizes and installation options—including built-in and wall-mounted configurations—it seamlessly integrates into any room. Choose from different finishes and ember bed options to personalize your fireplace and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Efficient Heating Technology

Experience optimal warmth with the Amantii BI-DEEP Electric Fireplace. Equipped with advanced heating technology, this fireplace provides even heat distribution throughout your space. Adjustable temperature settings and flame brightness controls allow you to customize the ambiance, whether you’re relaxing at home or entertaining guests.

Realistic Flame Effects

Enjoy the charm of a traditional fireplace with none of the maintenance. The Amantii BI-DEEP Electric Fireplace features realistic flame effects that mimic the natural glow and movement of a wood-burning fire. Adjust flame colors and intensity levels to suit your mood, enhancing the cozy ambiance of your living area.

User-Friendly Features

Designed for convenience, the Amantii BI-DEEP Electric Fireplace includes intuitive features for effortless operation. Control settings via remote or touch panel, adjusting heat and flames from anywhere in the room. Energy-efficient LED lighting and a programmable timer offer additional convenience and energy savings.

Safety and Sustainability

Prioritizing safety and eco-friendliness, the Amantii BI-DEEP Electric Fireplace operates with zero emissions and requires no venting, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious households. Built-in safety features such as overheating protection and a cool-touch glass front ensure peace of mind, especially in homes with children or pets.

Enhance Your Home with Amantii

Transform your living space with the Amantii BI-DEEP Electric Fireplace and enjoy year-round comfort and elegance. Whether used as a primary heating source or a decorative focal point, this fireplace combines sophistication with functionality, making it an essential addition to modern homes. Discover the perfect blend of innovation and style with Amantii.

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