Amantii -33″ TRD-INSERT – Electric Fireplace Insert

  • Only suitable for application indoors.
  • This is a cutting-edge display of flames: The remote control allows you to change the flame’s color from Yellow to Orange to Red at the touch of a button.
  • Heat output of up to 1465 watts and 5000 BTUs

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Sophisticated design with a nod to the past


The magnificent TRD-33-INSERT electric fireplace, a member of the Amantii Traditional Series, is inspired by its timelessly exquisite design and superior craftsmanship. The TRD-33-INSERT is breathtaking in any setting. The heater and vents are disguised behind the unit’s interior top, allowing for a pristine look. Enjoy the ambiance of your TRD-33-INSERT traditional fireplace every season, even when the heat is turned down.

This classic 33-inch electric insert will help you to breathe fresh life into any home or outdoor location while offering warmth and charm.

This classic fireplace will allow you to breathe new life into any room or outdoor location while offering warmth and ambiance.

A beautiful flame show flows across the rear of the fireplace, producing movement that will attract your attention. Heat settings may be changed with the press of a button. You may configure the flames to show without heat during the warmer months, making them suitable for use all year.

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    • 4 Trim sizes – 26″, 30″, 33″ and 38″ 3 side trim kit or 4 side trim kit available
    • Rated exclusively for indoor uses
    • Contemporary flame presentation: Modern, multicolored flame display; shift from Yellow to
    • Orange to Red with the push of a button on the remote.
    • Can generate up to 1465W and 5000 BTU of heat
    • 2-stage heater • Ready for hard wiring
    • Ready for hard-wired thermostat
    • The flame functions without heat. Flame and heater remote controls
    • 1 Flame set. Ambient canopy lighting with thirteen hues illuminates media unlike ever before.
    • The heater is positioned within the unit’s inner top, allowing heat to flow over the top of the glass.
    • Hidden venting permits a clean-faced look.

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